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Supporting you to choose a care home

You may be considering several care homes before choosing the one that is right for you or your loved one. That’s why we've put together a useful Enquiry Checklist (PDF 120KB) to support you when you explore our care homes, be that virtually or with an actual care home visit.

We hope you find it useful and it supports you in making an informed choice for you or your loved one. If you have any other questions or need further support, contact our friendly Enquiry Support Team on 0800 917 0478.

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Did you feel welcome? 

It’s so important that you feel comfortable within the home as this is a new chapter for you and your family. Consider how the home made you feel and if you could truly picture yourself living or visiting a loved one there?

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Does the home offer the right type of care?

It’s vital to understand what a care home can offer for you and your family. Whether you need respite or long-term dementia care, you’ll need to consider the services available to you. Consider asking about person-centred care plans?

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What are the lifestyle benefits? 

Caring goes beyond clinical or personal needs, it’s all about caring for the person. Why not ask about the activities programme available and if they have a dedicated staff member to deliver them? Consider how loved ones are welcomed to be involved in the home and how the home remains an active part of its community?

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How does the team enrich lives?

Moving into a care home can be daunting and it’s important you feel safe and secure with your choice of care. Consider asking about key workers and staff training, as well as understanding how the team gets to know you or your loved one on a personal level?

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What is the food like? 

Mealtimes can be a highlight of a resident’s day. Why not ask what happens at mealtimes? Consider seeing a sample menu and find out if special diets could be catered for? Why not ask about what support is available to assist residents and if they can choose where  they eat?

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Do your research

Research is readily available online and who better to find out what life is really like in a care home, than residents themselves. Why not visitcarehome.co.uk, the leading independent review site for care homes,  to find out how a care home is rated.  Consider also reviewing the home’s latest inspection report.

Download our Enquiry Checklist (PDF 120KB)


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