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Enriching lives

At Sanctuary Care we have been delivering care for over 20 years and at the heart of our experience and expertise is our undeniable passion to enrich the lives of our residents, teams and those living in the communities in which we operate. But what does this really mean to our staff, our residents and their loved ones?

It all starts with how we proudly go above and beyond the standard expectations of providing good quality care and support to our residents to live fulfilled lives. It’s far more than just adapting to their care needs – to truly enrich lives, we look beyond physical and emotional care needs. We look at what makes every person unique, the people close to their hearts, their passions and dreams yet to be fulfilled, and the continuity of living they need to feel content, happy and fulfilled. Knowing all of this, enables our teams to deliver truly person-centred care to each and every individual who lives with us.

And to ensure we are not just saying we ‘enrich lives’, we have even commissioned independent research to find out what an enriched life means to those that matter most and have used this research to continually adapt the care and service we provide – day in, day out.

View the summary of our research on Enriching Lives (PDF 176KB)

For more information about enriching care options, call our friendly Enquiry Support Team on 0800 917 0478.

My grandmother’s needs have changed, the amazing team have adapted with her. The staff and activities are just amazing! The team have created a safe, fulfilling and comfortable home for her.

Granddaughter of a resident at the Brambles

An elderly care resident having her hair combed by a member of care staff

Enriching Lives – the research

To truly understand how to enrich lives, we have commissioned independent researchers from Research Works Limited to speak with our residents and care home teams, across England and Scotland – and by talking to those who are in our care and living with us, we can truly adapt our services to achieve our mission of enriching lives – proving it’s far more than a profitable marketing plug, but a way of life for us at Sanctuary Care.

Our researchers told us that residents and their families needed to have ‘six senses’ met to feel fulfilled and content. These six senses include:

Enriching Lives Security Icon

A sense of security – receiving the care they truly need to feel safe and secure

Enriching Lives Belonging Icon

A sense of belonging – to maintain and create new friendly relationships to feel a sense of belonging in their new home

Enriching Lives Continuity Icon

A sense of continuity – continuing the things they love! Moving into our homes is a new chapter but old pastimes, interests, routines, and activities are still important and what make our residents who they truly are

Enriching Lives Purpose Icon

A sense of purpose – being a part of something special. Taking part in activities, practising religion and cultures, having an input in the home or gardening in the grounds – having a valuable role to play

Enriching Lives Achievement Icon

A sense of achievement – achieving something every week with the support from the team – from having responsibility of something important in the running of the home, to continuing independence around our homes

Enriching Lives Significance Icon

A sense of significance – and finally, being treated with the utmost dignity and respect, cared for as individuals without any assumptions

For more information on how we can enrich a loved one’s life, please contact our friendly Enquiry Support Team on 0800 046 4718.

So how are we fulfilling the six enriching life senses:

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Across our homes we are offering round the clock care, in warm and comfortable environments for our residents, giving peace of mind to their loved ones.

Janet, daughter to a resident, explains: “I’m very pleased. It’s the best place for him because he needs 24-hour care - it’s really reassuring that he’s there.”

Enriching Lives Belonging Icon


Our teams support residents to share their passions with others and create new, long-lasting relationships – just like Beryl, a retired fitness instructor who leads gentle exercise classes to keep her fellow residents nimble, which has been the foundation of creating new friendships. It’s a real highlight of her week and gives Beryl a sense of belonging in her new home.

Enriching Lives Continuity Icon


At our Regent Residential Care Home in Worcester, knowing how much one of her residents, Val loves swimming, care assistant Karen came in on her day off every two weeks to take her to the local pool. Val said: “When I get in the water I never want to get out!”.

Continuing this pastime is just one example of how we enrich lives in our homes.

Enriching Lives Purpose Icon


Take Dot at our Brambles Residential Care Home in Redditch. She had a life-long passion for baking, so the home’s activities leader Fiona supports her to hold fortnightly ‘Baking with Dot’ sessions with her fellow residents. Wearing her own personalised apron, Dot relishes the opportunity to share her culinary skills and it has given her a spring in her step!

Enriching Lives Achievement Icon


At our Wantage Nursing Home, Sister Trudy, who is our longest serving resident, having lived here for 11 years, is delighted to have been appointed as a resident ambassador for the home.

Trudy is proud to support new residents settling into the home and also has an important part to play with the recruitment of new home staff as well.

Enriching Lives Significance Icon


For many residents, food feeds the soul and it’s undoubtedly a highlight of their day. But assuming that all residents enjoy the same tastes and have the same nutritional needs, is not something our catering teams do. Instead, they speak with residents and their loved ones and get to know what they really like, using this person-centred approach to adapt the food they serve up each and every day.

Elderly care residents play bingo

I have made new friends and like going to the activities. The staff are really good to me and they are more like family.

Resident at Lake View

To find out more about our passion to enrich lives, contact our Enquiry Support Team advisors today! They are here to talk and offer free advice on 0800 046 4818.


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