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Meet our Enquiry Support Team

Our Enquiry Support Team advisors are here to make this new life changing chapter feel more manageable, offering peace of mind. They are here to provide free care home advice and support, six days a week (Mon to Fri 8am to 8pm and Sat 9am to noon).

Get free help and advice by calling today on 0800 917 0478.

Enquiry Support Team Members Suzanne and Tracey

Enquiry Support Team Members Sally and Meegan

Choosing the right care home for yourself or a loved one can seem exhausting. Our dedicated Enquiry Support Team advisors are here to guide you through the process. We are here with you at every step of your care home enquiry, from the very beginning, understanding what type of care you are looking for. They are able to provide clarity on the cost of care, whether you will be entitled to support from the local authority, or will be paying your home costs privately.

Supporting you or your loved one with finding the right care home

Looking for a home which meets all your needs and feels right can be really daunting. It’s often confusing knowing where to even start. You may well be asking yourself “what type of care do we need”, “should we look for residential homes or nursing homes” and “what type of care homes are available near me”?

Our Top ten tips when choosing a care home page and care home checklist are good places to start!

Finding the best choice of care home near you...

If you’re relocating to be nearer to your family or want to find a new home just around the corner, we can help find the best care home location for your needs.

Sanctuary Care has 100 residential homes and nursing homes across England and Scotland, offering short respite breaks and long term care options. Our friendly Enquiry Support Team can talk you through the fabulous care services and the latest availability in your chosen location.

Sanctuary Care assistant and resident smiling

Why not book a virtual tour or care home show-around?

Once you have decided which care home you might like to view, we can welcome you into our home with a care home show-around or offer a virtual tour. Both options enable you and your loved one to take a look around our fabulous facilities and meet our wonderful staff. A senior member of the team will be there to answer any questions that you may have. They are there to make sure you feel comfortable with everything from the home costs to finding out about times to pre-book care home visits.

Carole’s experience …

Carole, whose father Dennis has moved into one of our nursing homes, had this to say:

"I spoke to Meegan in the Enquiry Support Team – she was really good, honest and helpful. We booked a virtual tour and the staff were very professional – it made us think ‘this is the right one."

What about paying for care? – Download our free care guides

Understanding how you or your loved one will pay the care home fees is one of the first steps to consider, yet one of the hardest to understand.

You might be wondering if you or your local authority is responsible for the cost of care or if you need to organise a financial assessment. It might be that you need clarity over whether the overall home costs change depending on the type of care?

Our Enquiry Support Team advisors help families every day. They understand what care home funding is available and how it works. You are also welcome to download our free guides below:

Sharing free advice, support and top tips for finding a care home

We understand there is a lot to think about when choosing a new care home, with so much to organise, plan and research. Luckily our Enquiry Support Team advisors are just a phone call away, six days a week on 0800 917 0478.

Our FAQs section and care home checklist also offer guidance on what to think about and ask when choosing a care home that is right for a loved one or yourself.


We are welcoming new residents safely

Find out more on our response to Covid-19, ensuring safe care, admissions and care home visits: